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MG Ferric Chloride Copper Etchant Solution, 33 ounces

MG Ferric Chloride Copper Etchant Solution, 33 ounces

Item #: 415-1L

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Printed Circuit Board Etching Process Video (250K, WMV) *

Product Overview:
Part Number: 415-1L

Ferric Chloride Copper Etchant:
Ready to use solution designed for etching printed circuit boards and other metals. Recommended for use with M.G. Chemicals Professional Etching Process Kit (416-E) and M.G. Economy Etching Process Kit (416-ES). Note: Do not dilute this product with water.

Immerse copper board in solution and agitate until etching action is completed. Ferric Chloride can etch up to a maximum of 100g of copper per liter of solution (.33 square meters or 3.5 square feet of 1 oz copper clad board). Etching process can be sped up by heating the solution to a temperature no higher than 55¦C (135¦F). If you require further directions for etching or making a printed circuit board, consult the positive photofabrication process guide available free here.


Type: Copper Etchant

Fill Volume: 1000 mL (1L)

Consistency: Liquid

Specific Gravity: 1.26

Color: N/A

Odor: Slight Iron/Acid

Boiling Point: 223°F (106°C)

Solubility: Soluble in water

MSDS: Click here

Shipping Class: ORM-D (4 Liter or Less)

Manufacturer: MG Chemicals
* MG Chemicals' Video File ©

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